Indie Devlog #1

Arrow Quest

Indie Devlog Arrow Quest Game


Welcome to the first Arrow Quest Indie Devlog. Arrow Quest is a Metroidvania platform game developed with Typescript, leveraging the HTML 5 Game Engine Phaser 3.

Arrow quest is in the infancy of its development, currently it has the basic mechanics in place for our main character to explore the landscape. Our pixel protagonist is able to navigate the terrain using the left and right keyboard arrow keys, jump using the Z key (x2 to double jump) and fire a projectile X key. Some platform gaps are too difficult to jump or even double jump, and some platforms are just a little out of reach. But there is no need to be alarmed! Our hero will use their bow skills to aid the ascent of rocky outcrops, take leaps of faith across bottomless pits, activate distant switches and fight off the evil horde.


Our hero will face many hazards on their epic journey, some natural some not so natural! I’ve just be working on adding bodies of water. The player can swim across these bodies of water, and also dive the depths to look for secrets and pickups. As in the natural world I wanted our players oxygen supply to deplete while submerged. This running out of air mechanic adds elements of excitement and tension whilst exploring the underwater sections. The player will need to somehow restore their oxygen in order to continue the exploration. Currently the player needs to return to the surface to fully recoup their oxygen supply. Future updates will include underwater air pockets, oxygen tank pickups and even a mini sub.

Desktop Controls:

Arrow keys : Left, Right

Z: Jump, Double Jump

X: Fire

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