Monkey Doh

Online Learning Game Developed with Phaser 3

Introducing Monkey Doh: An Interval Training Game

Monkey Doh is an innovative educational game designed to help players develop a sense of relative pitch. Using Phaser 3, a powerful HTML5 game engine, this game challenges players to identify intervallic movements from a given starting note.

Key Features of Monkey Doh:

  • Interactive Learning: Players hear a melodic line and must move the available note(s) on the stave to match the notes they heard.
  • Musicianship Training: Supports the elements of general musicianship as outlined by the graded examination system and the National Curriculum.
  • Engaging Gameplay: Set in a vibrant jungle theme, the game features a monkey named Marcel who sings notes in a clear, amusing voice.
  • Reward System: Players earn bananas for Marcel by correctly identifying intervals, making learning fun and rewarding.

Educational Benefits:

  • Interval Recognition: Helps train musicians to appreciate intervals within the diatonic scale.
  • Fun and Educational: Combines the enjoyment of gaming with educational content, ensuring effective learning through play.

About the Development:

This educational video game was developed for web browsers using the HTML5 game engine Phaser 3. With its engaging theme and interactive approach, Monkey Doh makes learning music theory accessible and enjoyable for all ages.