Holy Mole

Hire a Freelance Game Developer | Holy Mole – Educational Browser Game

Serious Game Development

Looking to hire a talented freelance game developer? Here’s a prime example of innovative game design, perfect for testing musical ear training.

Game Description:

Sing Along with the Moles

Immerse yourself in this unique and engaging educational music game where you test your musical ear with a quirky, fun twist. In this game, you’ll meet Juan Direction, the main mole, who plays a sequence of notes on his guitar. Following Juan’s lead, a choir of lesser moles, each floating on balloons, will sing these notes. However, one mole will sing an incorrect note.

Your task is to identify the mole with the wrong note and pop its balloon, ensuring only the best moles remain in the Holy Molé Ballooning Mole Choir!

  • Gameplay Mechanics:
    • Listen to the sequence played by Juan Direction.
    • Identify the wrong note sung by one of the moles.
    • Pop the balloon of the mole singing the wrong note within 10 seconds.
    • The quicker you act, the more points you earn.

Developed using JavaScript and the Phaser 3 game engine, this web-based game was specifically commissioned for the educational website, musicteachers.co.uk. It is one of several serious games designed to enhance musical learning in an interactive way.

Why Hire Me?

As a freelance game developer, I specialize in creating engaging, educational games using cutting-edge technologies. My expertise includes:

  • Proficiency in JavaScript/TypeScript and Phaser 3 game engine.
  • Experience in developing web-based games tailored for educational purposes.
  • Ability to design interactive and fun learning experiences that captivate users.

If you’re looking for a developer who can bring creativity and technical skill to your project, contact me today to discuss how we can create something amazing together.