Freelance Game Dev F.A.Q.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Why should I have my video game developed with HTML5 ?

A. HTML5 games can be accessed by mobile devices, PCs, laptops, and other smart devices. HTML5 works through a devices web browser, so any device that has a reasonably modern web browser can display and allow the HTML 5 game to be played.  

Q. Does HTML5 require the user to download plugins to their device in order to play the game?

A. To put it simply no! HTML5 only requires a browser to play. As long as you have access to the internet, you are able to enjoy a great game experience. Your game can also be developed as a desktop application, which can be played without access to the internet.

Q. I have a series of games produced in Flash, but they no longer work on mobile devices or through my pc’s browser. Are you able to help me?

A. Video games developed with Flash technology, required the end user to have a plugin called Flash Player installed within their browser. A majority of modern devices, such as Apples ipad do not allow the installation of plugins, which were considered a security risk, and a memory drain. As Flash is reliant on the installation of a plugin to play, Flash has slowly became obsolete. Because HTML5 relies on  technology built into modern browsers, there is no dependency on the installation of superfluous plugins. Your Flash game can be redeveloped in HTML5, so that it has cross platform compatibility. Please contact me with a link to your Flash games, to discuss your requirements.

Q. We are interested in having some educational video games developed to train our staff in house via our intranet. We do not wish these games to be viewed on the general internet Are you able to develop these games for us?

A. Yes, as long as there is a browser the games will run. You would be able to upload the games to your local server and play the games in house via the intranet.

Q. Will I own the rights to the game in its entirety ?

A. You would own the rights to freely distribute the game, as you see fit. However I would retain the copyright to any code developed, as well as any assets I created for the game. No changes would be allowed to the code, without prior permission. You would not be allowed to resell the game without prior permission.

Q. We are a design agency. Would you help us with our clients project?

A. I am more than happy to work as a freelancer for agencies, but I do insist that my details are listed in the credits of any project I work on. This would include my name, web site and contact details.

Q. I have an idea for a HTML5 game, that I would like to discuss with you. Where do we start?

A. Please email me with an idea of your project. To help gather the requirements for the game, please download a Game Design Document. By downloading and filling out the document it will help you to realise, what is required to develop a captivating game.

Q. Do you develop games in 3D?

A. Although HTML5 allows for game creation in 3D, I currently only produce games in 2D. 

Q. I like some of your current games, but would like to change the graphics and other content to complement my website. Would you be happy to change the current graphics and sound fx’s of your games to my requirements.

A. Yes, this is the cheaper option for most clients. The code is transferrable and any assets can be changed to suit your requirements.

Q. I have an idea for a game and would like it developed and ready to put on my website. I need this as soon as possible (1-2 weeks). Please can you let me know your availability.

A. Often clients request very unreasonable timelines, as they are unaware of the complexities faced with game development. 1-2 weeks to code a game from scratch, produce the assets, test and debug, seek client approval, and give it all a final polish? No, for me this is not feasible! Generally to build a game from scratch, you are looking at a minimum timeline of at least a 3-4 weeks (dependent on complexity). 

Q. I would like a game developed for a French speaking audience, do you develop games in foreign languages?

A. I am able to provide an HTML5 game that takes data from a simple text file. The original game text can then be easily adapted through a text editor, and then uploaded to your server.  You can also have multiple languages throughout the game if so desired.

HTML5 Game Services include:

  • Games converted to run on mobile devices.
  • HTML5 desktop and mobile playable game development (iPad, Tablet, Mobile, Desktop)
  • Game design and development to client specifications
  • Full asset production artwork, audio, animation etc
  • Development of game, using supplied assets
  • Desktop Game developed for PC and or Mac

If you have a game idea and wish to have it converted or developed to play on all modern browsers and devices please email Mighty Pixel with your requirements.