Indie Devlog #8

Just entered my 2nd Game Jam. Platformer Challenge #6 hosted by GameFavorites.

This months theme was Portals.

Welcome to the Portal Labs. It is your duty to find the hostage located on each level. Once rescued they will aid you on your quest, so make sure you keep them close.

Play Portal Labs on



Arrow Left and Right to move

Arrow Down to activate objects

Z to Jump

X to Fire

Xbox Controller

D-pad Arrows Left and Right to move

D-pad Down to activate objects

X to Fire

A to Jump

This is a prototype for Platformer Challenge #6 hosted by GameFavorites. I hope you enjoy this minimal prototype game as much as I enjoyed making it.

There will be bugs, so please let me know via the comments.

Developed with Phaser3 (Typescript). Audio created with pico8 and Bfxr, edited in Audacity all artwork created in Aseprite.

Mighty Pixel itch

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