Indie Devlog #5

Metroidvania Month

Hi All,

This evening I decided to enter the month long Metroidvania Game Jam hosted on by Falcon Nova. It will be my first Game Jam! And I’m pretty damned bloody excited! I’ve entered slightly late as it began on Nov 15th, but I’m pretty confident that I can create a fully functioning demo by 15th Dec.

It’s a solo entry and I intend to produce all the assets as well as the code for the game. I’ve opted to create a colourful 8×8 pixel tileset as this seems to be the quickest/easiest way to produce a consistent art theme.

The theme of the actual game Jam is ‘Abyss’. I have a pretty good idea of the narrative that the game will follow. I’ll share more details as the game evolves. But for now here are a few animations of the main protagonist. Waving, running and idle.

Above image is taken from Tiled and is a sample of the games environment.

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